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With so many myths and false information floating around, understanding what actually works is a task. In my private circle you will get access to science backed information. I will tell you how to burn stubborn fat, get stronger and reach your goals.

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Meet Nancy

Certified Coach & Nutrition Expert

I'm Nancy. I am a nutritionist and a fitness enthusiast. Before getting my certification, I had tried several diets, methods and measures of losing weight, staying healthy and performing better. Every time I would think of losing weight, only thing that will come to my mind is eating less, although I succeeded in my efforts but most of the times; weight bounced back. There was something that I was not doing right because eating less made me HANGRY and eating back calories made me heavier...


Listen to what my clients say

  • Nikita

    A big thank you Nancy for helping me get rid of the stubborn weight that was stuck since my second pregnancy! I had tried everything but it just wouldn’t budge. It was either stagnant or would increase but wouldn’t go below a certain number which I was looking for! Even though I was exercising regularly and keeping a check on my diet. 

    Finally with her help and expert advice I was able to shed 5kgs in 3 months. 

    She gave me everything to eat in the right proportions. Gave cheat meals in between. I never had any loss of energy or fatigue. There were no fasts or no food days.  I was asked to have all the meals in a day including snacks. 

    I can’t thank her enough! So if anyone is looking to loose the healthy way then Nancy is the person for it. Highly recommend her.

  • Saahil
    Apart from losing weight, I have learnt so much more with Nancy. With the variety of foods I had to the portions I was given to eat. Everything made sense and I was amazing surprised when I lost weight by eating so much food. She not only creates a diet plan for you but also tells you a way to life. A way that you can very easily make your lifestyle. There was no exclusions of food groups and I never felt deprived on her diet. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the right way of losing weight.
  • Jayantika
    I still can not believe how far i have come and a long way to go still but I’m so glad I’m finally on the right path ,all thanks to you mam! The diet plan is so easy and simple that it can be literally implemented so conveniently. And i am so glad you used to put food items that i used to love or crave. I have had cheat meals every week on an average taking care of my cravings. And your guidance has made such a remarkable difference. You have been just a text away throughout this time whenever i had any issues or queries regarding anything. I haven’t been this satisfied with any other nutritionist in tricity and i have tried almost everyone. I will be joining again definitely and i would recommend you to anyone out there who was sad and depressed like me and had given up on health. Kudos to you and a big thank you!

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